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Some Printing Presses from our Collection

The first all all-iron printing press invented by Earl Stanhope in about 1800. There are at least 3 surviving early Stanhope Presses.

The Columbian Printing Press - possibly the most memorable by virtue of its striking appearance. Invented by George Clymer of Philadelphia (1754- 1834). No British made machinery was ever so lavishly embellished.

The Albion Printing Press - ‘Albion' meaning England, was invented by RW Cope. We may have the largest and smallest presses in the world!

The Atlas Press - An enigma! It is believed to have been issued in 1840. A figure of Atlas holding up the world is placed in front of the cap. Only a handful still exist in the world.

Table top Albion - c.1847, made by Hopkinson and Cope in London.

A type case displaying the family name and first names. It makes for a fascinating conversation piece.

The perfect retirement present!

One of our smaller type cases, displaying the clients' post code. A very original house warming present.

Our largest typecase (82cm x 36cm x 2.5cm). It was originally called a caps case, with uniform compartments.

A printers cabinet - A solid piece of furniture used for letterpress storage or for interior bookshelves etc.

Bookbinding tools- We sell sets of bookbinding tools and individual pieces. Crafted with wooden handles, and the character tips are made from brass.